A great blessing in my life right now is the experience of working with four brilliant interns—all students of mine at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. God has used all four of these men to help me immeasurably in my ministry at Southern, so forgive me if I boast a bit in how gifted they are.

Henry Institute readers have already seen the writing of Robbie Sagers, a first-year School of Theology student from Oregon. Robbie’s a graduate of Pepperdine University in Malibu. Robbie’s intellect and passion
for the gospel make him quite a bit different from the Jamie Kennedy caricature of a Malibu man. You will want to take a look at a new article by Jedidiah Coppenger, also a first-year School of Theology student. Jed has written about the “whatever it takes” mentality. Jed is the son of my colleague Mark Coppenger, whose writings in SBC Life and elsewhere years ago were decisive in my calling to ministry. As you can
tell from Jed’s piece, the Coppenger genes don’t skip a generation. James Risner, an Ohioan first-year student in the School of Theology, has written with me a piece on SpongeBob Squarepants and the perennial evangelical cartoon controversies. James points out that there is more to the story than one hears
from the chattering classes on the cable news networks. James is a pastor’s son with an extra anointing of wisdom and insight. These three are joined by Brad Hughes, president of the student government in the School of Church Music and Worship. Brad is a Georgian with phenomenal artistic and ecclesiologicalgifts and is a devoted fan of all things Ann Coulter (no comment from the Dean on that). You will hear from Brad soon, hopefully not in an article entitled “Eight Reasons Why Ann Coulter Would Make a Great Minister’s Wife” (I guess that was kind of a comment from the Dean. Sorry Brad).

I am extremely proud of the “Moore Men Missionaries,” as they’ve been called from time to time, and I think you will enjoy their writings.