Top Ten Books of 2009, Number Seven

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Gilbert Meilaender, Neither Beast Nor God: The Dignity of the Human Person

I am stunned by how often I hear evangelical Christians (including some very conservative ones) who have no idea how to think about bioethical issues beyond the question of abortion. There seems to be a “no abortion/no problem” attitude among some evangelicals when it comes to questions of reproductive technology and so forth. The problem is a previous generation of evangelicals often held a “no infanticide/no problem” attitude. A generation past (with some very notable and commendable exceptions) couldn’t see what was happening, so they lagged behind as the horror of the abortion culture settled in.

Gilbert Meilaender provided this year a superb resource for thoughtful people to consider questions of human dignity, and how to maintain it. He starts and ends with the most important question: “What is man?”

We live in a fearful and cowardly time. The crisis we face is not a crisis of clarity but a crisis of courage.


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