Will My Music Warp My Child?

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Below is the latest “Questions and Ethics” query. Help me answer this question by telling me your thoughts in the comments. I’ll weigh in later. And remember to send me your real-life ethical dilemma to [email protected]

Dear Dr. Moore,

Like you, I am a fan of country music. I listen to our local country music radio station in the car, and have for as long as I can remember. I’m a mother now, though, and I now drive around with my infant son in the back seat. I am aware more than ever of the less than moral aspects of country music.

Now, I grew up (like you did, from what I understand) listening to country music, so I know that, in and of itself, it’s not going to drive someone to the Honky-Tonks or the divorce courts. But it’s made me think. Should I give up my music altogether, listen to it only alone when my baby’s not around, or just keep listening, like my parents did? What’s the ethical thing to do?

Coal Miner’s Daughter

We live in a fearful and cowardly time. The crisis we face is not a crisis of clarity but a crisis of courage.


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