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A Conversation with Jonah Goldberg

In this episode of Signposts, I am joined by Jonah Goldberg, formerly a senior editor at National Review. Jonah is a nationally recognized author and syndicated columnist. He is also the host of The Remnant podcast. You can follow him on Twitter: @JonahNRO

In this conversation we talk about Jonah’s most recent book, Suicide of the West, and also discuss socialism, capitalism, and the dangers of illiberalism.

I really enjoyed this conversation and hope it’s beneficial for you. Be sure to subscribe to Signposts to get new episodes as they are released.

We live in a fearful and cowardly time. The crisis we face is not a crisis of clarity but a crisis of courage.


About Russell Moore

Russell Moore is Public Theologian at Christianity Today and Director of Christianity Today’s Public Theology Project.