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A Conversation with N.T. Wright

In this episode of Signposts, I am joined by renowned author and scholar, N.T. Wright. One of the world’s leading Bible scholars, Wright is the chair of New Testament and Early Christianity at the School of Divinity at the University of St. Andrews. He is also an Anglican bishop and bestselling author. Among his many award-winning works are Simply Good News, Simply Jesus, Simply Christian, Surprised by Hope, How God Became King, Scripture and the Authority of God, Surprised by Scripture, and The Case for the Psalms. He is also the author of the recent translation of the New Testament, The Kingdom New Testament, and the widely acclaimed series, Christian Origins and the Question of God. In this episode, we discuss a range of topics including his new book, The New Testament in Its World, which he co-authored with Michael F. Bird.

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We live in a fearful and cowardly time. The crisis we face is not a crisis of clarity but a crisis of courage.


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Russell Moore is Public Theologian at Christianity Today and Director of Christianity Today’s Public Theology Project.