Merry Olde England

January 5, 2008   |  

There will be Hank Williams music in England, at least for the next six days. My plane leaves in a couple of hours for London, where I’ll be speaking and travelling about for the next week. Do not worry. My iPod is with me, and so, thus, are Hank, Loretta, George, and the whole crew.

Moore to the Point will probably be dark for most of that time, but Rapid Fire will be abuzz as Messrs. Sagers and Bethancourt fire away at the goings-on around the world with a Kingdom edge. I will pop in now and again as I am able, from the Land of Lewis.

One of the hassles of a trans-Atlantic trip right now is that I will be in the United Kingdom during the New Hampshire primary. Quick prediciton: Obama wins, big, in the Democratic primary. McCain wins, healthily, in the Republican primary with a stronger-than-expected showing by Huckabee.

I’ll be watching in the middle of the night, hoping the tea is strong enough to keep me awake the next day.