|   May 16, 2017   |  

In Defense of the Unspoken Prayer Request

The other day I overheard some friends, fellow believers, bemoaning several problems in American evangelical church life. One of these was the tendency of some people, in a small group setting, to respond to a call for prayer requests by… Read More

  |   Apr 27, 2017   |  

Does “13 Reasons Why” Glamorize Teen Suicide?

The streamed television series 13 Reasons Why is Netflix’s newest hit program. The program is about a teenage girl’s audio recording, left behind after her suicide, which explains the reasons why she killed herself. Many school systems and psychologists are warning… Read More

  |   Feb 23, 2017   |  

What the Transgender Debate Means for the Church

Last night news broke that the White House officially rescinded President Obama’s executive order regarding transgenderism in public schools. This is a good decision that corrects outrageous and coercive directives. Children should not be turned into pawns of culture war… Read More