|   Jan 17, 2017   |  

Should We Celebrate the Falling Abortion Rate?

The abortion rate has fallen to its lowest level since the Supreme Court legalized the practice in the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision. The news comes from a study by the pro-abortion research group, the Guttmacher Institute. How should Christians,… Read More

  |   Dec 23, 2016   |  

Joseph of Nazareth vs Planned Parenthood

A few years ago the Planned Parenthood Federation of America got my attention by pioneering a Christmas card. The group sent a holiday greeting — complete with sentimental snowflakes and stars — with the caption “Choice on Earth.” Evangelicals and… Read More

  |   Dec 19, 2016   |  

Election Year Thoughts at Christmastime

What does a family Christmas look like after a divisive election? A little over a month out from the 2016 elections, this is the question I’ve been thinking about recently. As many Americans travel home to see family, many of… Read More