|   Nov 23, 2016   |  

Navigating Family Tensions at the Holidays

We tend to idealize holidays, but human depravity doesn’t go into hibernation between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. One thing that will hit most Christians, sooner or later, are tensions within extended families at holiday time. Some of you will be… Read More

  |   Nov 18, 2016   |  

Don’t Protect Yourself From Adoption

I’ll never forget seeing a woman pull measuring tape out of her purse as she talked about the skull of her child. This woman, standing in an airport in Russia with my wife and me, was, like us, an American…. Read More

  |   Nov 16, 2016   |  

7 Books That Changed My Life

Recently I was moving some books around on the shelf, and was drawn into reading around in a book I hadn’t read in many years. I was noticing my highlights, now faded on the page, and remembering what in my life… Read More

  |   Nov 9, 2016   |  

President Trump: Now What For the Church?

The 2016 presidential election is now over, and, in what very few could ever have imagined, Donald Trump is elected President of the United States. No matter what our differences politically or religiously, surely we can all agree that this… Read More

  |   Oct 27, 2016   |  

Why I Am a Christian

October 27 is an important date for me. I grew up in Woolmarket Baptist Church, a rural, blue-collar congregation in a small community just north of Biloxi, Mississippi. My grandfather had served as pastor of that congregation and died when… Read More