Fox News Is Conservative?

December 2, 2008   |  

I almost never watch Fox News Channel’s “Fox and Friends.” This past Sunday, however, I turned on the television for two minutes before leaving for church. The three hosts were reporting about a Chicago couple who had remained chaste until their wedding, and who had decided to save their first kiss for the wedding ceremony itself.

This was reported with the incredulity with which one might report a Wiccan moondancing ritual. The discussion went beyond the kiss question to chastity itself, with one of the talking heads announcing, “Try it before you buy it.”

I’m not a media conspiracy hunter, and I don’t mind media bias, as long as one knows where the bias is. What bothers me is that Fox News is counted by so many as a “conservative” voice, when so much of it seems to be simply pro-consumption, regardless of what one is consuming.

Of course Rupert Murdoch can present any viewpoint he wants. It’s his network. But this is hardly “conservative.”