Evangelicals Romp Over at First Things

October 19, 2009   |  

You can decide if it’s the Star Wars canteen scene or the opening theme to a Super Friends cartoon, but a team’s a team. A group of us evangelicals are launching a brand-new group effort today. First Things magazine launches the Evangel blog, featuring evangelical writers such as Joe Carter, Justin Taylor, and John Mark Reynolds. I’m glad to be a part.

The blog is set up to be a kind of casual back-and-forth, along the lines of National Review‘s “The Corner.” We start off with a conversation about the old nailbiter of evangelical identity. And my first blog post is why I don’t care about evangelical identity all that much.

This will be the place where I’ll do the vast majority of my blogging (along with the more often micro-bursts over on Twitter), but I’ll enjoy the banter with my friends over there often too. Check it out here.