Is It Okay to Use a Fake Name? Your Thoughts?

November 10, 2009   |  

Here’s the first question in our new Q&E Questions and Ethics project.

Dear Dr. Moore,

Sometimes I go on blogs and websites, in the comments section, especially in places that are taking shots that I know are not true about people I care about, and I’ll use a fake name. The point is just to get the information out there. “The statement you made about so-and-so isn’t true, and here’s why.” Is it okay for a Christian to sign up with a fake name? How about on sites hostile to historic Christianity where they’ve “banned” me because of my outspoken beliefs? Is it okay to go back on with another identity? I guess my question is this, it is okay to be anonymous or use a pseudonym as a Christian? Is that lying?

Anonymous (of course)

Okay, before I answer this question, why don’t you weigh in? Should this person send comments into the Web anonymously or under a fake number? How would you make that decision?

I’ll jump in with my own thoughts later. In the meantime, put your comments here in the comments section and remember, if you have an ethics question, to send me your new question to