Feb 16, 2011   |  

Honk If You Love Anti-Christian Bumper Stickers

To get to my favorite coffee shop here in Louisville, I pass a lot of bumper stickers intended to make people like me angry. One of them says “Born Okay the First Time.” Another says “If You Don’t Like Abortion,… Read More

Feb 10, 2011   |  

God, Egypt, and the Fear of Freedom


I’m watching Cairo with mixed feelings. For the most part, I find it all exhilarating. Who couldn’t cheer the downfall of a lawless, autocratic regime such as that of Hosni Mubarak? But, on the other hand, I know why President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton so carefully parsed their words at the beginning of the uprising. What if the fall of the dictator simply leads to a terrorist theocracy?