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Why I’m Hosting Presidential Candidates

On August 4, the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission will host a civil forum as part of the Send North America Conference in Nashville, Tennessee. At that event, I will talk with two candidates for President of the United States, Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio, about their vision for the future before an audience of 13,000 pastors and leaders from around the country. Last year, we decided that we would have

Planned Parenthood at the Cross

Many of us were horrified and repulsed as we saw Planned Parenthood Federation leaders in undercover videos negotiating the sale of body parts from aborted children. The cavalier conversations, over lunch, about such things ought to shock every conscience. For Christians, this atrocity ought to drive us to reflect on the literal crux of our faith, the cross of Jesus Christ. The most ghoulish aspect of these videos is, after

Why We’re Hosting the Evangelicals For Life Conference

As many Christians yesterday sat at their computer and watched a casual dinner conversation over the price of dismembered children, a lot of us probably thought: “But what can I do about this?” This is a question I hear often from pro-life evangelicals. Many Christians are utterly convinced in their heart of the personhood and dignity of the unborn, yet don’t know how to faithfully effectively advocate for life. It’s

Why Immigrant-Bashers Will Lose the Evangelical Vote

Samuel Rodriguez and I have written a new op-ed piece in The Wall Street Journal laying the case for why anti-immigrant rhetoric should and will alienate evangelical voters. Here’s an excerpt:  And while news media fixated on Mr. Trump’s speech to a few thousand people in Phoenix last weekend, an estimated 60,000 people gathered in New York to hear the gospel preached by Luis Palau, a Hispanic immigrant. The event

Planned Parenthood and the Atrocity of Corpse-Selling

I must admit I was speechless for close to an hour. I saw a video posted online, of an undercover operation in which Planned Parenthood’s top doctor is selling the body parts of aborted children. Having seen so many Internet hoaxes bandied about, I initially assumed this was one of them. After a few calls to respected figures in the pro-life community, though, who confirmed the accuracy of the video,