|   May 13, 2016   |  

What the Transgender Bathroom Debate Means For You


Last night the New York Times reported that the Obama Administration would issue a decree directing every public school in the nation to allow bathroom access on the basis of self-identity, not biological sex. I’m quite aware of the White House’s… Read More

  |   May 12, 2016   |  

Why Christians Must Speak With Kindness

The clip below is from my sermon at the 2015 Equip Austin event, “Preparing Your Church for a Same-Sex Marriage Culture.” You can find more videos by going to our ERLC media page here.

  |   May 11, 2016   |  

How to Develop a Christian Ethic


Not long ago I got an email from a Christian man who asked me, “What can I do to become knowledgable in Christian ethics?” Obviously, I think that’s a good question. Ethics is not, after all, something that only academic… Read More

  |   May 6, 2016   |  

Why the Church Must Reject Racism


This morning I have an op-ed in The New York Times about why American evangelicals must repudiate nativist rhetoric and a “white church” mentality. To embrace white supremacy is not only unbiblical and immoral, but foolish. Here’s an excerpt: The center of… Read More