|   Aug 28, 2015   |  

What Katrina Taught Me


As a young child, I remember sitting in church and listening as my pastor flipped through one apocalyptic scenario after another in his prophecy charts, and wondering: What would my hometown of Biloxi, Mississippi, look like after the seals of… Read More

  |   Aug 27, 2015   |  

The Most Controversial Thing I Ever Say

This clip is a portion of my address “Marriage On the Line: Preparing Your Church for a Same-Sex Marriage Culture,” which was delivered at the ERLC Equip event this summer in Austin, Texas. You can find more video at the… Read More

  |   Aug 26, 2015   |  

Should We Watch Murders on Social Media?


I watched a video this morning that I’m ashamed to say I viewed. No, it wasn’t pornography—at least not the kind of pornography we typically think of. The video was the live shooting of two television journalists as they were… Read More

  |   Aug 25, 2015   |  

Human Dignity in a World of Abortion Clinics


On a Sunday this January, probably of whatever year it is when you read this (at least as long as I’m living), I will probably be preaching somewhere in a church on “Sanctity of Human Life Sunday.” Here’s a confession:… Read More

  |   Aug 19, 2015   |  

Kindness Is Not Weakness

G._Conti_La_parabola_del_Buon_Samaritano_Messina_Chiesa_della_Medaglia_Miracolosa_Casa_di_Ospitalità_Collereale (1)

Years ago, when I was serving as a preaching pastor in a church, I was approached by an eleven year-old in our congregation who wanted to introduce me to his friend, Jared. Jared was on his soccer team, and had… Read More