|   Oct 17, 2016   |  

The Gospel vs 100 Years of Planned Parenthood

This weekend Planned Parenthood turned 100. As several politicians and pro-choice supporters publicly celebrated the milestone, many Christians and others committed to defending life and human dignity mourned. While supporters see a century of Planned Parenthood as an era of… Read More

  |   Jun 21, 2016   |  

Why Politics Can’t Drive the Gospel

One of the reasons I say that it is good for American Christianity to no longer think of itself as a “moral majority” is that such a mentality obscures the strangeness of the gospel. When a vision of Christian political engagement… Read More

  |   Jun 12, 2016   |  

After Orlando, Can We Still Weep Together?

We woke up Sunday morning to news of the worst mass shooting in American history, as a terrorist murdered and injured over a hundred people in a gay nightclub in Orlando. In the aftermath, we’ve seen some of the best… Read More

  |   May 6, 2016   |  

Why the Church Must Reject Racism

This morning I have an op-ed in The New York Times about why American evangelicals must repudiate nativist rhetoric and a “white church” mentality. To embrace white supremacy is not only unbiblical and immoral, but foolish. Here’s an excerpt: The center of… Read More

  |   Mar 3, 2016   |  

Christians, Voting, and the Lesser of Two Evils

I have a new piece in Christianity Today discussing whether Christians can ethically choose to vote with a “lesser of two evils” mindset. Here’s an excerpt: The apostle Paul taught that the sword of Caesar is given by God to… Read More