Aug 19, 2009   |  

The End of Secularism

Hunter Baker is one of the sharpest thinkers in contemporary American Christianity. His new book, The End of Secularism, will provoke the same kind of conversation ignited by Richard John Neuhaus’s The Naked Public Square several years ago. You’ll want… Read More

Aug 18, 2009   |  

Will the Devil Be in My Classroom Today?

I’m minutes away from walking into my first class of a new semester here at Southern Seminary. If this class is like the others I’ve taught, there’ll be people in the room I come to know this semester that will… Read More

Aug 6, 2009   |  

Conservatism and Climate Change

Interesting article by Bill McKibben in the latest issue of Orion on conservatives and climate change. McKibben notes the distinct difference between conservatism in its traditional form and libertarianism. He draws out the implications for the climate change debate. McKibben… Read More