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Do I Need Therapy?

You might think so, if you’ve been reading the Associated Press or the Louisville Courier-Journal. The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary has launched a major new initiative toward a biblical counseling model. But this doesn’t mean “read two Bible verses and call me in the morning.” What it means is that we recognize that counseling is an essential aspect of the pastoral calling–and of the responsibility of the church. It also

Darwin Is Dead, and Darwinism Is Looking a Little Sluggish Too

Lewis Grizzard famously titled a book Elvis Is Dead and I Don’t Feel So Good Myself. While Darwinism might not be quite as dead as its common descendant, it is certainly twitching with spasms at certain key points. I once professed skepticism that the Intelligent Design movement (ID) would be able to win any converts from the medical establishment, but I was quite wrong. A growing number of scientists–especially in

Kingdom Come, and Coming

As most readers of this site know, the Kingdom of Christ is the defining passion of my ministry. There is much good work on the Kingdom out there, and a lot of schlock too. In the former category is a paper now posted on the Henry Institute site by Christopher W. Cowan of the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood (CBMW). Cowan is an up-and-coming New Testament scholar, and one

Bugs Bunny Meets Brian McLaren: Christianity, Pop Culture, and the Quest for Hip

American pop culture is accustomed to celebrities “reinventing”themselves. After all, Madonna has moved through more incarnations in one career than Shirley Maclaine has had in seven lifetimes. Michael Jackson has changed not only musical styles, but also his face, his race, and his gender identity a few times as well. But what does one do when Bugs Bunny reinvents himself? Warner Brothers is on the receiving end of protests, as Looney Tunes fans

Who's Afraid of SpongeBob Squarepants?

The SpongeBob controversy is now behind American evangelicals. But, before we get too far beyond it, perhaps we should ask: what happened here? If all one knew about the controversy was what one heard on CNN and other media outlets, one might think that Focus on the Family head James Dobson was a cantankerous conspiracy theorist. After all, isn’t calling SpongeBob a homosexual along the lines of earlier cranks who speculated about the sexuality of

Population “Control” and Secular Apocalypticism

A couple of weeks ago on the “Albert Mohler Program,” I commended an article by Southern Seminary professor Mark Coppenger, entitled “Be Fruitful and Multiply,” which is now up and available on the Henry Institute web site. The Coppenger column has taken all the usual hits, including a cynical response from Salon Magazine. But, beyond that, one evangelical friend of the Henry Institute wondered whether Coppenger was not begging the