Jun 11, 2009   |  

Chick Flicks and the Spirit of Christ?

To this day, the most controversial radio show I’ve ever guest-hosted for the Albert Mohler Program was on the potential spiritual pitfalls of Christian romance novels. You should see the incendiary emails that lit up my screen, the letters that… Read More

Jun 6, 2009   |  

Joan vs. John

Last week I posted a series of reflections on my Southern Seminary ethics class’s final examination about a transgendered person who seeks to know whether “she” can be baptized.  Some of you requested a single document with the whole thing in it…. Read More

Jun 5, 2009   |  

Some Suggestions for Church Business Meetings?

Gerald Harris, editor of the Christian Index newspaper, offers a list of suggestions for Baptist churches to reclaim the hellish, poor witness of so many congregational business meetings. Harris writes: “No one should speak at the church business meeting who… Read More