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Daddy Daycare: On Second Thought…

Perhaps yesterday’s commentary was a little too harsh. The October 8 “Best of the Web” column by James Taranto of the Wall Street Journal has a different take on the German “kindergarten” where wives can drop off their men while they shop. “This may not be as silly as it sounds,” notes the WSJ. “After all, the last time German men were left without adult supervision, they ended up overruning

Daddy Daycare: Germany Launches Kindergarten for Men

Several years ago, the Candid Camera television show tried a hidden camera stunt featuring a man being led by a leash around a department store by his shopping wife. The show recorded the outraged and incredulous looks of shoppers, who were asked by the woman if they could watch after her husband for a moment while she checked out. What seemed farcical in the twentieth century seems perfectly reasonable for

Do Southern Democrats Have Time for the Future?

I did not learn to care about unborn human life or about the centrality of marriage to human culture in my boyhood Southern Baptist congregation. I came to care about these things on the campaign trail with a Democratic United States Congressman from Mississippi. I won’t say that everything I know about politics I learned from the Mississippi Democratic Party. But close. As a young idealistic Southerner, I was a

Too Fat for the Grave: The Death Industry on the Super-Sizing of America

“Mom’s not going to look comfortable in that casket.” That’s the newest euphemism of the funeral industry, according to the New York Times. The carefully crafted phrase is a way to tell grieving family members that their loved one will require a larger-than-standard casket. And, according to the Times, funeral directors are saying it more and more. In fact, the article notes that a new industry is emerging around the

Confronting the Latchkey Culture: Work, Family, and American Individualism

“The child care crisis is so acute that child care workers in many areas of the country are unable to find adequate day care for their own children,” complains Patty Siegel, a child care consultant in California.  Now, let’s stop for a moment to diagram that sentence.  The absurdity in Siegel’s complaint is cited by scholar Brian Robertson as precisely the reason why Americans need to rethink the American pressure

Questions & Ethics

Questions and Ethics: Should my son participate in a high school band raffle?

A concerned father asks if his son should participate in his high school’s band raffle. “I don’t see,” he says, “how this is any different than gambling or a lottery, and how should I as a Christian respond to forms of gambling like this that are for a good cause?”