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Carl F.H. Henry (1913-2003)

Carl F.H. Henry, the dean of evangelical theologians, died in his sleep on December 7. Christianity Today, the magazine he once led, has published an obituary and remembrance.  R. Albert Mohler, Jr., looks back on the life and legacy of Dr. Henry. Read Christianity Today article

Rabbit’s Running Still: John Updike and Judgment Day

Few novelists can illustrate the angst of middle-class American life with more vivid imagery than John Updike. Updike is, of course, no friend to orthodox Christianity, although he draws at times on a distinctively Barthian stream of neo-orthodox theology. Even so, Updike’s novels—especially his series of four books on the life of Harry “Rabbit” Angstrom—lay out the problem of guilt, sin, and judgment better than many gospel tracts. A New

What’s Next for Evangelical Theology?

Most evangelicals do not know—and do not care–that the Evangelical Theological Society (ETS) failed to expel a couple of open theists last week. Grassroots evangelicals do not read evangelical theology, and are not directly impacted by much that goes on in evangelical scholarship. Whatever evangelical scholars make think, these days an evangelical is not defined by whether one agrees with Millard Erickson or Stanley Grenz on the nature of divine

What’s New at Mars Hill

Perhaps the closest I will ever come to the atmosphere of the first-century Greek Areopagus is the exhibit hall of the American Academy of Religion (AAR). The booths, booksellers, and academic papers peddle everything from Catholic philosophy to Hindu hermeneutics to Wicca meditations. Like the Athenians at Mars Hill, the religion scholars spend their time “in nothing else, but either to tell, or to hear some new thing” (Acts 17:21).

The Reverend Doctor Dean: Another Religious Zealot Runs for President

There’s another television evangelist running for President. But this time his name’s not Pat Robertson. And he’s not a Republican. He’s Howard Dean, and he’s laying a sawdust trail all the way the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination. Democratic frontrunner Howard Dean might at first glance appear to be the most secular presidential candidate ever-even eclipsing the nominally Orthodox Michael Dukakis in his self-conscious non-religiosity. Dean, after all, told ABC News

Honk If You Love Death: The Last Enemy and the Culture Wars

This week the United States Congress debated whether or not doctors should be allowed to kill a living infant by crushing his head. At the same time, courts in Florida debated whether doctors should be allowed to starve a disabled woman to death. In these headlines, we see some legislative and judicial victories. But we should also recognize that we are looking at the real religious alternative to historic Christianity