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The Evangelical Conscience: Still Uneasy After All These Years

Carl Henry’s Uneasy Conscience is back, and not a moment too soon. Over fifty years after its debut, Eerdmans Publishers has reprinted The Uneasy Conscience of Modern Fundamentalism. The importance of this little book might escape the contemporary generation of American evangelicals. In 1947, the young theologian issued a jarring manifesto calling for a theologically informed and socio-politically engaged evangelical movement. Henry indicted conservative Protestantism with an isolationism rooted in

Can a Glamorous New Bible Reach the Cosmo Teen?

When one sees a crowd of teenage girls standing in the food court of a suburban mall, chances are they are not debating the correct interpretation of “justification by works” in the Epistle of James. Indeed, chances are these women have almost no contact with the words of Scripture at all. It is quite likely, however, that these girls have read a copy of Glamour or Teen People magazine sometime

Searching for a Dad in Hell

It is not often that a successful, celebrated artist tells The New York Times that he has been to hell. Singer Rufus Wainwright, however, details for a Times profile his descent into anonymous sex, self-loathing, and methamphetamines into “a subterranean world that he described in the most lurid terms as a ‘gay hell.’” And yet, what is most striking about this article is not Wainwright’s frank acknowledgment of the horrors

John the Baptist at the MTV Music Awards

There was an empty seat at last week’s MTV Music Awards. Johnny Cash, nominated for several awards, called in sick. In some ways, it is just as well. The aging, somber visage of the Man in Black would have been a marked contrast to the typical celebration of superficiality, self-exaltation, and sexual libertinism. And yet, the sad spectacle of the awards show reveals precisely what the MTV generation has to

See You at the Abortion Clinic?  The Culture of Death Targets the Church Youth Group

With the onset of autumn, churches across the nation are filling their youth ministry calendars with lock-in retreats, weekend discipleship conferences, after-school Bible studies, “See You at the Pole” rallies, and…abortion-rights essay contests?  They will if one national “pro-choice” advocacy group gets its way. Abortion rights groups are scared; and they have reason to be.  After all, public opinion polls show today’s teenagers remarkably more pro-life than their baby-boomer parents

Abortion Clinic Memorial Walls: Hushing the Conscience

Each January many evangelical Protestant and Roman Catholic congregations place white crosses in their churchyards, to memorialize the lives of unborn children snuffed out since Roe v. Wade.  The latest issue of National Review alerts us to a macabre new memorial for the unborn—on the walls of a Pennsylvania abortion clinic. The bulletin is worth repeating here: “Pink construction-paper hearts adorn the walls of the waiting room at Pittsburgh’s Allegheny