|   Aug 25, 2015   |  

Human Dignity in a World of Abortion Clinics


On a Sunday this January, probably of whatever year it is when you read this (at least as long as I’m living), I will probably be preaching somewhere in a church on “Sanctity of Human Life Sunday.” Here’s a confession:… Read More

  |   Aug 19, 2015   |  

Kindness Is Not Weakness

G._Conti_La_parabola_del_Buon_Samaritano_Messina_Chiesa_della_Medaglia_Miracolosa_Casa_di_Ospitalità_Collereale (1)

Years ago, when I was serving as a preaching pastor in a church, I was approached by an eleven year-old in our congregation who wanted to introduce me to his friend, Jared. Jared was on his soccer team, and had… Read More

  |   Aug 12, 2015   |  

My Hope for the Planned Parenthood Videos

What do I hope is the end result of the Planned Parenthood video expose? Here’s my answer to that question for The Gospel Coalition. You can read my previous articles on Planned Parenthood here: “Planned Parenthood and the Atrocity of… Read More

  |   Aug 12, 2015   |  

One Year Later: Ferguson, Justice, and the Gospel

In today’s Washington Post I write about the year since Michael Brown’s death in Ferguson, and what white Christians can learn about justice and reconciliation. Here’s an excerpt: The question is how do we sin? We sin as individuals, one… Read More

  |   Aug 11, 2015   |  

Catacombs, Cathedrals, and the Kingdom


Several years ago, I led a group of seminary students on a study tour of Rome, working through the Book of Romans and the relevant aspects of church history there. One rainy day we spent the morning in Saint John… Read More