|   Nov 13, 2015   |  

What I’m Reading


Selected Poems, John Updike. (Amazon|B&N) This is a collection of poetry across the life of the famous writer. My favorite ones are from the later years, near Updike’s death, where he is unusually nostalgic and reflective of home. Updike once wrote, “Perhaps we meet… Read More

  |   Nov 10, 2015   |  

Don’t Protect Yourself From Adoption


I’ll never forget seeing a woman pull measuring tape out of her purse as she talked about the skull of her child. This woman, standing in an airport in Russia with my wife and me, was, like us, an American…. Read More

  |   Nov 5, 2015   |  

What Hath Jerusalem to Do With Johnny Cash?


Last night the Country Music Association gave out awards to artists and producers during the CMAs. I normally find these awards shows maddening, because they usually have as much to do with country music as MTV now has to do… Read More