|   Oct 2, 2017   |  

Where Is God in a Mass Shooting?

A few hours ago I was on the phone with a friend in Las Vegas. He and his neighbors had just lived through, and will be living through for some time, the trauma of seeing in their own city the… Read More

  |   Sep 28, 2017   |  

Hugh Hefner Did Not Live the Good Life

Overnight, we learned of the death of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner. Hefner is the iconic figure who not only made pornography socially respectable (and even more lucrative), but also spent a life constructing a “playboy philosophy” of sexual freedom that… Read More

  |   Sep 22, 2017   |  

Why Americans Love Doomsday Prophecies

Today I have a piece in The Washington Post on the phenomenon of doomsday prophecies. Here’s an excerpt: Here we are again. News reports are abuzz with a “Christian numerologist” suggesting that Sept. 23, 2017, is the fixed date for the end of… Read More

  |   Sep 14, 2017   |  

Will a Happy Marriage Prevent an Affair?

Whenever one sees a marriage fall apart due to adultery, one of the first things one hears is, “And I thought they were so happy!” Often, we tend to assume that couples torn asunder by an affair must be secretly… Read More

  |   Jul 7, 2017   |  

How I Write

In this episode of Signposts, I talk about my approach to writing. From keeping track of ideas, to writing books and articles, this podcast offers you a look at the whole process. You can find the full transcript and links… Read More