|   Jun 12, 2016   |  

After Orlando, Can We Still Weep Together?


We woke up Sunday morning to news of the worst mass shooting in American history, as a terrorist murdered and injured over a hundred people in a gay nightclub in Orlando. In the aftermath, we’ve seen some of the best… Read More

  |   Jun 8, 2016   |  

Is Religious Freedom For Non-Christians Too?


Does religious liberty apply to non-Christian religions? Someone told me this week that he had seen a Baptist writer question whether Muslim Americans qualify for religious liberty “benefits.” Hearing that was honestly surprising, in that it would represent a direct… Read More

  |   May 30, 2016   |  

What Does the Gospel Teach Us About War?


As we celebrate Memorial Day, millions of Americans will be reflecting on war. This weekend is, of course, a national time we’ve set aside for grateful contemplation for the liberties that have been won for us by those who sacrificed. As… Read More