|   Nov 3, 2015   |  

You Only Live Forever


I often cringe when I hear Christians talk about the lists of things they want to do before they die: “I really want to go sky-diving, at least once, before I die” or “I want to, just one time, climb… Read More

  |   Oct 30, 2015   |  

What’s On My Newsstand?


I’m often asked what kinds of newspapers and magazines I read on a regular basis. I do read a lot of periodicals, so this list certainly isn’t exhaustive or definitive. But here’s a good group of periodicals that I read regularly… Read More

  |   Oct 27, 2015   |  

Why I Am a Christian


October 27 is an important date for me. I grew up in Woolmarket Baptist Church, a rural, blue-collar congregation in a small community just north of Biloxi, Mississippi. My grandfather had served as pastor of that congregation and died when… Read More