|   Jan 15, 2016   |  

Introducing My New Podcast


Today is the first episode of my new podcast, Signposts. This is a brand new, biweekly podcast that features conversation about the gospel, politics, books, and much more. In this introductory episode, I explain the name “Signposts,” and talk about why I’m… Read More

  |   Jan 14, 2016   |  

2 Chronicles 7:14 Isn’t About American Politics


Sometime around the Fourth of July or Memorial Day, you might see a sign advertising a “God and country” rally or prayer breakfast. I can almost guarantee that, if you attend, you will hear, at least once, 2 Chronicles 7:14…. Read More

  |   Jan 8, 2016   |  

The Powerball Lottery: What’s at Stake?


The Powerball lottery is in the news yet again. Its $700 million jackpot, a record, has captured the attention of millions of Americans hoping to have the right ticket and an instant fortune. The Powerball—along with innumerable other government-funded lotteries—has… Read More