|   Sep 18, 2015   |  

What I’m Reading


Every once in a while, I give a report here on what I’m currently reading. Keep in mind; this is not (necessarily) an endorsement of these books, just a note on what’s on my nightstand at the moment. First, these… Read More

  |   Sep 16, 2015   |  

The Worst Thing That Can Ever Happen to You

Here’s a clip from a sermon I delivered last year at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, entitled “Freedom From Fear.” You can find more videos by going to the ERLC’s media page here.

  |   Sep 15, 2015   |  

The Cult of Death and the Life of Christ


Last week the state assembly of California voted to allow legal assisted suicide. Lawmakers have sent a bill allowing terminally ill people to purchase and use life-ending drugs to governor Jerry Brown. This news come just weeks after an astonishing report… Read More