|   May 11, 2016   |  

How to Develop a Christian Ethic


Not long ago I got an email from a Christian man who asked me, “What can I do to become knowledgable in Christian ethics?” Obviously, I think that’s a good question. Ethics is not, after all, something that only academic… Read More

  |   May 6, 2016   |  

Why the Church Must Reject Racism


This morning I have an op-ed in The New York Times about why American evangelicals must repudiate nativist rhetoric and a “white church” mentality. To embrace white supremacy is not only unbiblical and immoral, but foolish. Here’s an excerpt: The center of… Read More

  |   May 5, 2016   |  

Why the Ascension of Jesus Matters to You


It’s kind of terrible how Ascension Day is almost completely ignored by lower-church Christians. We could say it’s because we don’t observe the liturgical calendar, but we do when it comes to such major feast days as Christmas, recognizing the… Read More

  |   May 4, 2016   |  

Is America a Christian Nation?

Is the United States a Christian nation? You can watch the answer I gave The Gospel Coalition in the video below.