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What is the Kingdom of God?

Recently, I sat down with the team at Ministry Grid to talk about the kingdom of God. This is an issue that may feel distant or abstract to Christians in the United States, as we have no king ruling over our government. But the kingdom of God is the central defining theme of Scripture and the end toward which God is moving all of history. In this video below, I

The Road to Jericho and the Border Crisis

America’s southern border is engulfed in a humanitarian crisis, as refugees fleeing violence in central America, many of them unaccompanied children, seek safety. As Christians, we must recognize both the complexity of this situation and what it means to be people of justice and mercy. I say that the situation is complex because some Christians would like a simple fix. Some would, it seems, like to hear that some organized

Christian Eschatology and The Planet of the Apes

As the film Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is being released in theaters today, I’m reminded of a few years ago when I launched a new semester of my Doctrine of the Last Things class with the showing of a clip from the original film, Planet of the Apes. The clip my students watched was in the closing moments of the 1968 film, as Charlton Heston is fleeing a civilization

Independence and The Empty Tomb

A few years ago, I stood at the grave of Thomas Jefferson, and wondered. Standing at his grave, I was prompted to give thanks for his life and legacy. But it also reminded me how limited even his legacy can be in the grand scheme of trillions of years of cosmic time.

Should a Church Display the American Flag?

Every so often I hear of a pastor embroiled in some controversy over his removing the American flag from the church sanctuary. The most memorable incident to me was the pastor who simply secreted the flag away in the middle of a Saturday night, as though the flock wouldn’t notice the next morning. But by dawn’s early light, they saw the flag was not there.

Racial Justice and The Gospel

On this, the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act, I am reminded of one of my favorite pictures, which sits on a shelf in my office. It’s a photograph of a line of civil rights workers—in the heat of the Jim Crow era. They’re standing shoulder-to-shoulder, each of them bearing a sign. The sign reads, simply: “I Am a Man.” I love that picture because it sums up precisely

Questions & Ethics

Questions & Ethics: A follow up on the Serial Podcast series

Russell Moore, Dan Darling, Mike Cosper, and Joe Carter discuss the finale of the Serial podcast and how the series affects our views of America’s criminal justice system.