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Rethinking Our Holly-Jolly Christmas Songs

Sometimes I learn a lot from conversations I was never intended to hear. This happened once as I was stopping by my local community bookstore. It’s a small, quiet store, so it was impossible not to eavesdrop as I heard a young man tell his friend how much he hated Christmas. And, you know what, the more he talked, the more I understood his point. This man wasn’t talking about

How to Deal with Holiday Family Tensions

We tend to idealize holidays, but human depravity doesn’t go into hibernation between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. One thing that will hit most Christians, sooner or later, are tensions within extended families at holiday time. Some of you will be visiting family members who are contemptuous of the Christian faith and downright hostile to the whole thing. Others are empty nest couples who now have sons- or daughters-in-law to get adjusted

Why It's Hard to Forgive

The most difficult math problem in the universe, it turns out, is 70 x 7. Perhaps the hardest thing to do in the Christian life is to forgive someone who has hurt you, often badly. But Jesus says the alternative to forgiving one’s enemies is hell. One of the reasons this is hard for us is because we too often assume forgiving a trespasser means allowing an injustice to stand.

What My Wife Taught Me About Women and Power

Today is my wife’s birthday. She probably wouldn’t want you to know her age, but it’s the time it took the Israelites to get from the Red Sea to the Jordan River. I still remember the first time I heard my now wife’s name, “Maria Hanna,” mentioned in conversation. I had no idea how she would live up to her name. Hannah, after all, was a weeping, trusting woman, who

Halloween and Evangelical Identities

The words “evangelical” and “fundamentalist” have very little meaning. For some, a “fundamentalist” is anyone who believes in miracles. For others, it necessitates a King James only Bible or a pre-trib Rapture or even a certain sort of public posture. At an American Baptist Churches General Assembly, I’d be considered a hardcore fundamentalist. At a KJV-only independent Baptist Bible camp, I probably wouldn’t be counted. And “evangelical” includes, for some

Why I Am a Christian

October 27 is an important date for me. I grew up in Woolmarket Baptist Church, a rural, blue-collar congregation in a small community just north of Biloxi, Mississippi. My grandfather had served as pastor of that congregation and died when I was six years old. I was active in all things related to Woolmarket Baptist Church: Sunday school, training union, Vacation Bible School, Royal Ambassadors, youth choir, youth council. At

Questions & Ethics

Questions and Ethics: How can a Christian become well-versed in ethics?

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Russell Moore explains why it’s so important for Christians to know the Scriptures and apply them to their lives.