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FamilyLife and RDM on Infertility, Adoption, Orphan Care

Last week, I had the joy of joining Dennis Rainey and Bob Lepine on FamilyLife Today to talk about infertility, adoption, orphan care, our story, and Adopted for Life. The program has sparked a lot of conversation and not a little controversy, particularly about my views on in vitro fertilization (cue the tune to the Johnny Cash version of “I Won’t Back Down” here). More than that though, I’ve heard

Quote of the Moment

The desire of infertile couples to pass on their genes should not be underestimated. The emotional associations people have with fertility treatments are positive. They have brought great joy into a lot of homes. It is nothing like abortion, which most people, wherever they stand on its legal status, see as a sad event. Sophisticated defenders of embryo-destructive stem-cell research have frequently suggested that pro-lifers are morally unserious in their