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Getting the Gospel Back at the Lord's Table

A little bit ago, I wrote here about the scandal of the infrequency of the Lord’s Supper in so many American conservative Protestant churches. It’s a gospel issue, I believe. Our eucharistophobia atrophies gospel preaching in our churches more than I think than we realize. But imagine how you could reclaim the gospel focus of the Supper in your church. Pastors and church leaders will need to explain the meaning of

Why Is the Lord's Supper So Rare?

There are a lot of churches for whom a congregational business meeting comes around more frequently than the Lord’s Supper. That’s sad. But, what I’m curious about is why does it happen that way? Why is the Lord’s Supper, for so many churches, a rare event by design? It was not so from the beginning. The ordinary pattern of the Supper in the early church, the Book of Acts tells us,