Apr 14, 2008   |  

In Cod They Trust?

You may never have seen Adam Dorsey, but chances are you’ve heard him. Adam was a country music songwriter with a successful career in the industry. He penned the words to the song, “That’s What I Love about Sundays,” a chart-topping song recorded by Craig Morgan. Adam left his musical career behind him when he followed a call to ministry here in the School of Theology at Southern Seminary.

Or so he thought.

Adam and I had a lot to talk about, given my lifelong love for country music. He once sheepishly approached me after class to say that he had attended a Country Music Association awards show in Nashville, and that his primary goal was to get an personalized autograph for his Dean from one of the artists whose music I love: Charley Pride, maybe, or George Jones, or Loretta Lynn.

Adam was embarrassed to say that the only musician he could get close enough to was a newcomer to the world of Hank and Willie. Adam handed me the autograph, which reads, “To Dr. Moore, Livin’ on a Prayer, Jon Bon Jovi.” I was shot through the heart. And Adam demonstrated that maybe his days of influence on Music Row were coming to an end.

Since then, though, Adam’s found a new kind of influence. Not long ago Adam and his family moved to Newfoundland in Canada to plant a new Baptist congregation there. This economically-distressed part of Canada could not seem more distant from the sequins and lights of the Grand Ole Opry.