Some Gossip About Albert Mohler (Just Between Us)

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Albert Mohler probably has never seen an episode of Hee-Haw. But, if he did, he would have heard Lulu Roman sing that she doesn’t believe in repeating gossip; so make sure you hear it right the first time. What better place is there for gossip than the World Wide Web? And what better subject of gossip could there be than Albert Mohler, especially now that he’s on family vacation?

Do you want to know something about Albert Mohler? Something really, really scandalous?

Okay, well, you didn’t hear it from me, but he’s not always been a complementarian. Wait, it gets worse. He once supported women pastors. I’m not finished yet. Just between us, young RAM actually led a newspaper advertisement protest of the 1984 Southern Baptist Convention resolution affirming a male pastorate.

See, all those years with Mohler weren’t in vain. There’s some scandal in that there study.

Oh, one more thing: he changed his mind.

Mohler recounts his change of mind and heart on this one at his Conventional Thinking weblog here, especially as it relates to SBC president Frank Page’s similar change of mind on the same issue. Mohler relates how God used Carl F.H. Henry to jolt his thinking on what was, then, assumed among Southern Baptist seminarians: that Galatians 3:28 means sameness of roles within the church and the home.

As Mohler shows, a change of mind is not a scandal for a Christian. As a matter of fact, the Christian is commanded to judge constantly every thought and opinion against the truth of the Word of God. That means sometimes our minds will be changed. It’s called repentance.

The problem isn’t with those who change their minds, turning from a broad way to a narrow one. It’s with those who would rather be consistent than faithful.

I’m glad President Mohler changed his mind on that one. Now, what do you think are the chances he’ll change his mind on the superiority of opera to George Jones?

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