Inerrancy Fatigue?

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I’ve suspected the “battle for the Bible” was lost ever since my Microsoft Word spell-check started suggesting the word “ignorance” every time I type the word “inerrant.”

Texas pastor Bart Barber posts this morning one of the finest, and most charitable, explanations of inerrancy I’ve seen in a long, long time. I suspect he’s right that there’s a sense of “inerrancy fatigue” among some evangelicals, including perhaps some within my Southern Baptist denomination. His response to the theologian-in-residence at the Baptist General Convention of Texas is strong, comprehensive, and merciful.

The outside world won’t hear our inerrant Bibles until we start displaying how corrected we are, personally, by it (I’ll write more on that later).

Barber’s post is a good model of someone who is talking to regular people (those able to cross list arguments and counter-arguments by Barth, Henry, and Lindsell are not who will decide this matter), showing why it matters, and why it doesn’t make one ignorant.

We live in a fearful and cowardly time. The crisis we face is not a crisis of clarity but a crisis of courage.


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