On the Issues: The Sufficiency of Scripture

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When it comes to questions about the sufficiency of Scripture, people can mean all sorts of things. Embracing the sufficiency of the Bible is a part of trusting in the power of God’s Word. But what does it really mean to say that the Scriptures are sufficient? The historic, orthodox Christian perspective maintains that Scripture is sufficient for instruction about faith and godliness. This does not mean that the Bible is the only source of information and authority, though. In this video, I talk about the sufficiency and authority of Scripture and what that means for us as believers.

Does the Bible tell us all we need to know?

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Only when we see how lost we are, we can find our way again. Only when we bury what’s dead can we experience life again. Only when we lose our religion can we be amazed by grace again.


About Russell Moore

Russell Moore is Editor in Chief of Christianity Today and is the author of the forthcoming book Losing Our Religion: An Altar Call for Evangelical America (Penguin Random House).