One Thing You Missed: Why You Don't Need New Rhythms This Christmas - Russell Moore

One Thing You Missed: Why You Don’t Need New Rhythms This Christmas

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I filmed this episode outside of the book launch party for my ERLC colleague Dan Darling’s new book, The Characters of Christmas. Besides thinking about Dan’s book, my mind was on the subject of Christmas for a number of reasons this week. Around this time of year there is always a debate about when it is acceptable to begin listening to Christmas music. And already, I’ve heard more than a few people discuss the issue. But besides that, there was a story that made national news recently when a woman in Texas got in trouble with the HOA for putting up her Christmas decorations too early.

As I was thinking about all of these things this week, I was thinking about the familiarity that comes along with Christmas each year. For many people, like parents and even pastors, there is always a temptation to try to make each Christmas unique–bigger or better than years before. But as I talk about in this episode, the rhythms and traditions of Christmas are supposed to feel familiar.

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