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Max Lucado’s Burnout Led to Breakthrough

By the age of 34, Max Lucado was burned out, struggling with insomnia, and begging the Lord to help him “have the wherewithal to preach the next day.”

Now, decades later, Lucado is still pastoring—he’s the teaching minister at Oak Hills Christian Church in San Antonio. He’s written dozens of books in the years that have passed since he struggled to find the energy to keep going. Lucado doesn’t attribute his renewal to his own efforts, though. Instead, he credits the Holy Spirit as the best friend, comforter, and one who came alongside him in his time of need.

On this episode of The Russell Moore Show, Lucado and Moore discuss the dynamics of burnout. They talk about what it looks like to pray when it’s hard or when we don’t know what to say. And they explore challenging theological topics like spiritual warfare, church hurt, and what it means to blaspheme the Holy Spirit.

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