Sep 12, 2013   |  

Is It Good News That Cohabitation Rates Are Stalling?

This morning’s Wall Street Journal reports what, at first glance, Christians would receive as good news. We don’t see an increasing number of couples opting to live together before marriage. “The decades long climb in the share of American couples living… Read More

Apr 26, 2010   |  

Should We Marry If We're Theologically Divided?

Below is the latest “Questions and Ethics” query. Help me answer this question by telling me your thoughts in the comments. I’ll weigh in later in the week. Dear Dr. Moore, We are a couple thinking about whether we should… Read More

  |   Nov 4, 2009   |  

What My Wife Taught Me about Glory and Power

I still remember the first time I heard my now wife’s name, “Maria Hanna,” mentioned in conversation. I had no idea how she would live up to her name. Hannah, after all, was a weeping, trusting woman, who longed for the blessing… Read More

May 22, 2009   |  

Marriage as Capstone or Foundation?

One of the brightest lights in America these days on issues of the family is University of Virginia sociologist W. Bradford Wilcox. His latest article in the Wall Steet Journal addresses the “real pregnancy crisis” in America, and why the… Read More