|   Apr 17, 2013   |  

What Should We Do with Our Frozen Embryos?

Dear Dr. Moore, I know you don’t believe in in vitro fertilization, but my wife and I found it was a good solution to our infertility problem. We created multiple embryos, and carried two to term. We cannot afford any… Read More

Oct 25, 2012   |  

Can I be a Christian and a Divorce Lawyer?

Dear Dr. Moore, I’ve heard you say before that a pastor’s calling is to shape the consciences of God’s people toward conformity to Christ through the faithful preaching of the Word, and that this informs their callings in the everyday… Read More

Aug 1, 2012   |  

Is It Wrong for a Christian to Sue the Government?

Dear Dr. Moore, I’ll make this very long story as short as I can. A close family member of ours lost his health due to what appears to be some serious negligence from a government agency. Several people have suggested… Read More